Valentines Mug


This Valentines day I decided to do a special collaboration with my Valentine - the very talented potter and owner of Earthen. Her studio and store is located in San Francisco, just across the bridge from our Oakland production studio.
We decided to do a limited run of our mugs in each others signature glazes. Her striking Landscape crackle on the Luvhaus classic mug, and the signature Moon glaze on the low, expansive Earthen mug. 

Earthen Mug/ Luvhaus Glaze

Glaze: Moon, Matte finish ranges from white with gray speckling, to gray with flashes of white and toasty brown edges. 
Care: Made of high fire stoneware and are designed to stand the test of time and use in a modern kitchen. Please feel free to use in microwaves and dishwashers.
Size: Earthen Mug, Approx: 11oz. 3” x 3.5”


Luvhaus Mug/ Earthen Glaze

Glaze: Landscape CrackleVelvet matte crackle glaze with a crystally white interior. 
Care: Please hand wash + avoid microwaving.
Size: Luvhaus Mug, Approx: 12oz. 4” x 3”


PLEASE NOTE: each piece is truly one of a kind and finishes vary. 

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