About Us

With a focus on elevating functional design, Luvhaus Ceramics are the product of countless hours spent at the wheel experimenting, refining, defining and pulling the shapes from clay.
The goal: to create something both functional and enlivening. That's a pleasure to use, that you reach for every day.

Our studio is located in West Oakland, once home to the canneries that drove Bay Area industry. In the 1970’s a family of artists bought the property and began working and creating there. In the late 80’s, a new wave of artists took up residency and carried on their tradition.

We’re proud to carry this mantle of artistry and industry and work in a space with such a unique and vibrant history.



To us, a cup is a symbol.
Of gathering’s, of rest
and reflection,
sharing and community, conversations and love.
Our goal is to create something that will stand the test of time.
Made by hand for your hand, is not just a saying. The signature tumbler was designed to nestle in the palm of your hand, capturing that perfect symphony of warmth radiating from your favorite cup of coffee or tea. The lip a perfect catch to keep it from slipping from your hand and a great perch to grip when it’s just a little too warm.


Contact us at: info@luvhaus.com