Aubade Dessert Plate (Preorder)


Glaze: Aubade, a luminous satin-finish purple glaze, featuring lilac highlights and rich speckled undertones of Prussian blue.

Size: Dessert Plate, Approx: 6.5” x 1”

A Note About Pre-Order: To avoid selling out during the launch for our new glaze, we've made all Aubade items pre-orders. We want everyone to be able to order the full amount in each shape that they've been waiting for! We estimate delivery times to be 3-4 weeks from the time your order is placed, we appreciate your patience in advance and can't wait for you to see these pieces! 

Care: All Luvhaus Ceramics are made of high fire stoneware and are designed to stand the test of time and use in a modern kitchen. Please feel free to use in microwaves and dishwashers.

Our glazes are custom formulated in house, with the goal of capturing something unique. PLEASE NOTE: each piece is truly one of a kind and finishes vary. 

A note on Matte glazes:

All matte glazes by nature are more prone to cutlery-marking. Over time they can develop a delightful patina - gentle reminders of the delicious meals and special moments celebrated around a table with friends and family. Regular cleaning with a soft scrub cleaner will greatly reduce or eliminate this patterning.

To learn more, and for cleaning product recommendations please visit our Care page.

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